Childcare Teaching Careers

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Are you passionate about your childcare teaching careers?

At Hope Island we are looking for those who wish to advance their childcare teaching careers. A team of core professionals is essential to the success of any early learning education setting. It is proven that having a team of leaders in a very high quality setting will improve the quality of education given and also improve children’s ability to stay engaged and enthusiastic.

At Hope Island we have put every effort into creating probably the most advanced nursery setting in a beautiful, natural environment and incredible curriculum therefore we want to highest quality team.

Our focus:

  • The wellbeing of each child
  • Offer them encouragement in a constructive and positive way
  • Develop and nurture trust and respect among all
  • Connect with families and communities to build relationships
  • Ultimately develop an intimate community of eager learners

It is essential and necessary to develop close relationships while working with young learners. I still regard myself as a learner as I teach a variety of children on different levels of intelligence. Building up trust among children as I observe each one individually is my first main focus. Developing children to become part of the community will give them grounding and responsibility as they begin there educational journey in all aspects from the classroom to everyday life”

We need you to say yes to the following:

Do you really have a passion for working with children?

Is your degree in Early Childhood Education?

Are you looking to become a leader to early learners?

Is it your dream to work with a high quality team in a positive, enthusiastic, and happy setting where you will have every chance to develop your career and personal growth?

At Hope Island we are creating a team of highly qualified teachers and assistants to become our Hope Island Family, so if you answered yes to all the above we want to hear from you.
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