How Young Children Learn

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How Young children learn is fascinating to us at Hope Island Sanctuary. Children are like little sponges so when they are exposed to such fantastic fascilities and the best teachers here they will soon have a whole new different outlook at the world and their surroundings.

Your child is unique and so will their idea of the world be. In our vast experienc the ideal environment for your child to learn is in a secure, well supported place where they will receive the best guidance they need at the beginning of their education. Hope Island Sanctuary also offers a stunning, stimulating outside space ideal for early play and exploration.

Children Learn By:

Watching and Listening

They love to watch everything going on around them. This action will enable your child to solve problems as they study things in sequences. Listening helps a child to learn language skills and how to converse.


Don’t ever get tired of responding to a pre-school child. These valuable questions need to be answered so they can put some kind of order in their little world. These are vital tools you are giving them!

Trying new things and Practicing New Skills

Always encourage children to try new things. Occasionally they will get it wrong but this is an essential process. Practicing new skills like drinking from a cup or eating with a knife and fork will give them confidence to try other things. Children can get frustrated when trying to perfect a new skill so offer lots of encouragement.

A little gentle guidance and some gentle nurturing is the ideal way to introduce them to something new. So whether it is an outside sport, a new game, an inside activity work with them and build their confidence. Remember this time in their lives is very exciting for them and their parents. At Hope Island Sanctuary we can promise we do everything in our power to give your child the very best educational and personal processes that will stand them ahead ready for school. How young children learn is our passion!

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